The First Dama

Three one month exchanges (in Iceland, Sweden and Finland) with intensive workshops for 15 students, who created a final performance in February 2006 in Turku.

Worskhop method developed

During 2007-10 Dama hosted workshops in Rovaniemi Tallinn and Reykjavík. During these workshops the groups created final, public performances in just one week. The workshops produced various outcomes: dance performances, interactive installations, participatory installations, pervasive games, sound art performances, and often combinations of these. Also collaboration with 3rd parties were started: Raflost-festival in Dama IV and  with The Ke∂ja conference in Dama VI.

2007 June: Dama 2.0 workshop in Rovaniemi

2008 November: Movement, space, sound, interaction workshop in Rovaniemi

2009 May: a multimedia performance workshop as a part of the electronic art festival RAFLOST in Reykjavík

2010 March: workshop in Tallinn

2010 October: Participatory Performance / Game workshop in Reykjavík

Workshops experiences continued

New workshop formats were tried out: Physical gaming and a city walk-through as the focus in Dama VII, in Dama 8 an outdoor performance, with all the students creating towards a common event and a workshop, in which certain topic was handled from many aspects, with various exercises, but no final outcome in Dama 9.

2011 June:

– Physical Gaming, Performing Space and Media workshop in Visby

2012 February:

– Outdoor snow / ice / dance / media performance workshop in Rovaniemi

2012 June:

Workshop White noise in Viljandi

Dama gets busy

In 2012, Dama expanded to Latvia and Lithuania, and started hosting 3-4 workshops each year. Most of the workshops concentrated on certain topics, but also collaborations with events (Dama 12) and festivals (Dama 15) continued. Also a more researcherly approach was tested in Dama 14.

2013 March: Workshop Symbols Maze in Riga

2013 May: Workshop Sarabande Undone in Copenhagen

2013 May: Workshop Illusions in Šiauliai

2013 November: Workshop Non-Linear Storytelling in Tallinn

2014 May: Workshop Performing Archives in Malmö

2014 May: /RAFLOSTi Workshop in Reykjavík

2014 November: workshop “Playces” in Visby

2015 January: workshop “Scan” in Copenhagen

Dama workshop collaborations

Workshops continued until 2016 with 3 to 4 workshops in a year, with Dama 18 and 26 new collaborations with cultural art festivals. Also the first workshop in Norway was organised in 2016.

2015 June: workshop in Kaukonen in collaboration with the Hiljaisuus -festival

2015 November: workshop in Viljandi

2016 January: workshop in Tallinn

2016 April: workshop in Riga

2016 October: workshop in Håøya island

2016 November: workshop in Šiauliai

2017 April: workshop in Réykjavík

2018 February: workshop in Rovaniemi

2018 June: workshop in Virtsu

Dama during the New Normal

2018 October: workshop in Riga

2019 June: workshop in Visby

There was no such thing as Dama 29 – Cancelled due to Corona pandemic

October 2020: workshop “There is a really thin line border between success and sucks ass”