Modular Sound Synthesis workshop

Modular Sound Synthesis workshop
March 25-28
Estonian Academy of Arts

Electronically generated sounds surround us daily: from sound effects in movies and games, to synthesizer parts and electronic rhythms in music. The Modular Sound Synthesis workshop offers an intense dive into the core methods of the very creation and generation, the operational nature, of such electronic sounds. Students will learn what basic parts a synthesizer is comprised of, how they interact, and the basic synthesis techniques, on which many other, more complicated setups, are based.

During the workshop, students will get familiarized with the core concepts of electronic sound synthesis using a hardware modular synthesizer.

Each day will include a hybrid lecture+practice session, touching on the basic ideas of synthesis like the nature of electronic sound, oscillations, filtering, creation of  musical events and movements, and such.

Practicalities (time, duration, number of participants, level/target group):

Availability of places for DAMA applicants: 3
Level: Beginners (BA and MA)

Accommodation options:


Application procedure

Students should send a short letter of motivation/a small portfolio of few selected works to sten.saarits@artun.ee
Deadline (for motivation letters/portfolios): March 12, 2024
Grant info

Check out and fill application from https://www.damanetwork.info/grant. Students (outside of Estonia) participating in workshop will receive Nordplus travel grant 330 (660 from/to Iceland) and board 250 eur/week. Students get their grants to your home university’s account and they will pay it further to you. Once you have been notified by Sten that you have the seat at the course, please fill in the grant application that can be found here: https://www.damanetwork.info/grant – have it signed by your home university’s coordinator and send it along with the home university’s bank information to sandra.mell@artun.ee. The document may be a pdf file.

Workshop supervisor:
Aubery Lis is a visiting lecturer at EKA since 2022, an electronic music instrument designer, engineer, musician, visual designer and programmer

Further Information:
Sten Saarits: sten.saarits@artun.ee

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